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Titan MTH Thermal Fluid Heater

Titan MTH Thermal Fluid Heaters are widely used heaters in the region.

•  Suitable for fuel oils and gas

•  High / Low or Modulating firing controls

•  High efficiency with excellent heat transfer capabilities

•  High heating output against size and weight

•  Capable of starting from cold without thermal stress

•  Design and manufactured to AMSE Code specifications


Typical Applications

The following industries use thermal fluid heating extensively:



Plastics and Rubber





Storage and Distribution


-  reactors and reboilers

-  stenders and printers

-  presses, calendars and extruders

-  cookers, deodorizers and spray driers

-  roadstone coating, autoclaves for accelerated concrete

   curing and silica/lime brick making

-  washers, tumblers, ironers and presses

-  heating tank farms, marine cargo and road tankers residues

-  platten presses and drying kilns

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