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Skil Environmental Ltd is a UK manufacturer with 40 years experience of instrumentation for measurement and control of combustion plant, specialising in environmental monitoring and control products, including electrical process control panels. The current range of products include an emission monitor (opacity, optical density & particulate), oxygen monitor, flue gas analyser, air pressure monitor & controller.

Flue gas analyser applications include Incinerator, Boiler, Wood Burner, Furnace, Cremator, Biofuel Burner/Boiler, Aluminium Smelting, Drying Kiln, Marine Boiler/Engine monitoring.

Skil Smoke Emission Monitoring System

(Sole Distributor in SINGAPORE)

Skil Emission Monitors are designed to measure dust and smoke discharged from Furnaces, Incinerators, Boilers and industrial plant. Satisfying legal requirements to monitor smoke and particulate emissions into the atmosphere.


The model 252 Visible Emission Monitor may be used to continually monitor and display optical density or opacity, and will also display particulate emissions when calibrated on the ISO-kinetic sample principle as described in BS893 and BS3405.


The equipment comprises a digital indicator control unit suitable for panel mounting to the flue or stack.


The Monitor can also be used to measure other opaque fluids, such as fume within tunnels, vapour, fog and dust discharged from extractors and machinery.

Visible Emission Monitor Model 252

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