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ViVa Care

Special gentle detergent for wet-cleaning of sensitive textiles

Viva Care is used for extremely gentle care of textiles made from wool, silk and viscose along with a very high soil-removal capacity. In the wet-cleaning process, the sensitive albuminous and cellulosic fibres are best protected from shrinkage and felting. The product can be used in all machine systems.

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ViVa Combi

Highly concentrated solubilizer for grease-bound and albuminous soil.

Viva Combi is suited for all kind of textiles. The product has an outstandingly high solubilizing capacity on grease-bound and pigment soil, very good wetting and emulsifying properties as well as a highly active enzyme for elimination of albuminous soiling. Best results are obtained at 40 to 60 °C and a pH-value below 10.

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ViVa Starch

Concentrated water dispersable liquid starch.

Viva Starch is a concentrated finishing agent suited for mangling. Viva Starch is suited to all types of textiles required to be shaped and can be used in all machine systems.

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ViVa Top

Concentrated liquid finishing agent for wet-cleaning.

Viva Top is suited to all types of textiles, improves mangling and provides them with a silky, full handle and optimum wearing properties. Silk and wool are durably protected from shrinkage and felting.

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