Steam Capacities  560 kg/hr to 10800 kg/hr
 Working Pressure (max)  10.34 bar/17.24

The Titan Package steam boiler model ‘AS’ is designed to the latet British standard 2790. The boiler adopts the reverse-flame principle of combustion where the hot gases make 2 passes within the pressurised combustion chamber and the third and final pass through the fire tubes on its exit to the chimney. 

The combustion chamber is supported by stay bars at its rear end. it stands clear of the boiler drum back plate, thus giving rise to the wet-back design. This design feature not only increase the heating surface, but also reduces unnecssary refractory-work. 

• Full wet back design without refractory lining on the rear portion of the boiler — minimise the radiation heat loss and refractory maintenance.

• Big combustion chamber allows the flame to make two complete passes inside the chamber maximises the heat transfer by radiation inside the furnace making it more responsive to load fluctuations.

• Spirals in the convection side enhance the heat transfer rate.

• Bigger furnace volume to minimise unburned combustible loss thus ensure high combustion efficiency


• Although the boiler is compact in construction, it posses a large space above the top row of fire-tubes for easy access during internal inspection.
• Accessibility to the fire-side is by way of the hinge-mounted front door. When the door is swung open, the combustion chamber and the fire-tubes are full view for cleaning and inspection. Unlike other conventional three pass boilers, the combustion chamber is built larger so that there is flexibility in the choice of using either fuel oil or gas burner.
• The boiler is manufactured with the approval of the factory and machinery department under the stringent third party inspection Lloyd's Register of Shipping, hence ensuring a high standard of quality and reliability.


• Boilers are supplied with high/low or modulating burners to burn fuel oil, gases or dual fuel. Burner is pressure jet atomising type.


• All steam boilers are backed by our nationwide team of service technicians.
• Services include commissioning, service contracts, breakdown calls, boiler/burner servicing and routine maintenance.
• Spare parts for all boiler types are available through our service department.


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