What are the main things to be considered during preliminary selection of boiler?


Does the existing ice maker meet peak usage during the hottest part of the year?


What are the various locations or stations in the establishment that will need ice? Will they be serviced from one or multiple ice makers?

Planning for future growth? Consider building in at least 20 percent additional capacity on new installations.



Calculation Food Service
Approximate ice usage per day
Restaurant700g per person
Cocktail1.4kg per person per seat
Salad Bar641kg per cubic meter
Quick Service140g per 207-296ml drink / 230g per 355-473ml drink / 340g per 532-710ml drink
Calculation Lodging
Approximate ice usage per day
Guest Ice 2.3kg per room
Restaurant 700g per person
Cocktail 1.4kg per person per seat
Catering 450g per person

Calculation Healthcare
Approximate ice usage per day
Patient Ice 4.5kg per bed
Cafeteria 450g per person
Calculation Convenience Store
Approximate ice usage per day
Beverage 170g per 355ml drink / 280g per 592ml drink / 450g per 946ml drink
Cold plate 50% more ice per day
Package Ice Weight per bag x number of bags sold per day


Note: The chart above outlines the approximate required ice amount per day, depending on application usage. For a detailed calculation based on specific needs, use the interactive Machine Size Calculator at www.iceomatic.com.


ICE-O-MATIC Installation Considerations


Allow enough space for the following elements


- The ice maker, bin and water filter
- Airflow

Note: If the ice maker is tight on space consider a CIM unit or a top-air discharge ICE unit.


- What are the voltage and amperage characteristics of the electrical outlet that will be used for this ice maker?
- Is there a floor drain within 1.8 meters?
- Is there a water source with water shutoff?
- Are the utilities within 1.8 meters of the ice-maker location?
Remote Installation


- Is there an outdoor condenser location above the ice maker?
- Is there easy roof access and penetration?
- Maximum precharged tubing line run considerations?





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