What are the main things to be considered during preliminary selection of boiler?

a)    Types of output

        Hot Water (Max. 100°C), Steam (Max. 207°C), or Thermal Oil (Max. 300°C)

b)    Available source of heating

        Electric, Diesel, Gas (Natural Gas, Town Gas, LPG), Biomass

c)    Heating Capacity

        Hot Water (kW or kJ/hr), Steam (kg/hr or HP), Thermal Oil (kW)

Determine Steam Output of Boiler

a)    Determine your actual total steam required by your steam equipment. (Peak hour)
        Example: 1500 kg/hr or 1.5 ton/hr

b)    Determine actual steam output of boiler
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Fuel Fired Steam Boiler Requirement (Diesel or Gas)

a)    Chimney
b)    Feedwater Tank
c)    Water Softener
d)    Blowdown Tank / Pit
e)    Diesel Tank or Gas Train
f)    Chemical Treatment
g)    Steam Header (Optional)

Electric Steam Boiler Requirement

a)    Feedwater Tank
b)    Water Softener
c)    Blowdown Tank
d)    Steam Header (Optional)


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