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MechMar – The Engineering Industry Leader in Singapore. Since 1971, MechMar has been servicing clients in Singapore and across Southeast Asia with outstanding products and excellent after-sales service. We firmly believe in doing so to earn every clients’ trust.
MechMar has a strong history of manufacturing and installing the most reliable and efficient steam boilers and its related fabrications. We have a wide variety of boilers with various ranges of capacities. Be it a single boiler or a multiple boiler turnkey project, each installation is engineered precisely to meet the needs of every client. We aim to provide convenience for our valued customers – offering an all-rounded service in our boiler houses; such as repair, installation, and cleaning of industrial boilers, overhaul of steam boilers for statutory inspection, re-tubing of boilers, conversion of oil-fired boilers to fire natural gas, installation and maintenance of thermal boiler systems, design and installation of steel chimneys, design and installation of steam, hot and cold water insulation works and general mechanical, electrical, and control engineering.
In order to complement the needs of long-term clientele in the hospitality and food industries, we have further broadened our range of products by providing comprehensive kitchen equipment. Some of these products include Ice-O-Matic ice-makers, hot and cold water dispensers/filtration systems, food waste reduction systems, cleaning chemicals, boiler water treatment, laundry chemicals and other related products.
At MechMar, we pride ourselves on having met the international standards of ISO 14001 in our ongoing endeavor to improve our factory’s environmental performance. Our products are also quality assured and recognized by ISO 9002. In addition, we have a team of qualified engineers and technicians who guarantee responsive and top-notch installation, as well as an after-sales assurance on every aspect of the boilers and related products worldwide. .

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