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Nu-Way Diesel Burner

Heavy Oil Burner

•   Burner mounted control panel

•   2 stage control (high/low)

•   NOE - Class ‘E’ oil 8 cSt @ 100°C

•   NOF - Class ‘F’ oil 20 cSt @ 100°C

•   NOG-Class‘G’oil 40cSt@100°C

•   Air damper: NOE - hydraulic

                        NOF - hydraulic

                        NOG - electric motor fully closing

•   Oil Heater - Included with burner to heat oil for atomisation

                        Burner mounted for high/low control, and for modulating control

                        (Intermittent operation on NOG during standby to maintain oil

                        temperature for immediate restart)

•   All burners require a pre-heated ringmain oil supply, minimum temperature @ 16°C

    for Class ‘E’ oil, 43° for Class ‘F’ oil and 83°C for Class ‘G’ oil.

•   All kW ratings are nett CV

•   Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance

•   Suitable for high resistance boilers

•   Industry standard components easily available

Optional Extras:

Modulating control

Air inlet silencer

Fully closing air damper (NOE and NOF)

Acoustic cover (wheel-over)

Water level control panel (AOTC)

Separate floor-standing oil pumping and heating unit

NOE/F/G18 & NOE/F/G35

Brochure (PDF - 10.6MB)

NOE/F/G50 & NOE/F/G60

Brochure (PDF - 11.8MB)

NOE/F/G85-38 & 100-38

Brochure (PDF - 10MB)


Brochure (PDF - 9.9MB)

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