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Heat Pump System

MechMar WellMech hot water heat pumps are a quality range of package units specifically designed for heating hot water up to 60ºC

MechMar WellMech Hot Water Heat Pump is a machine that extracts energy from an air source and upgrades this energy to usable form of heat that is rejected to a water system. Unlike other water heating systems Mechmar WellMech heat pump is capable of delivering up to 4 to 5 times more energy than it consumes and unlike solar systems MechMar WellMech heat pumps don't need the sun to shine in order to provide this efficiency.

Benefits of Heat Pump System


•  Substantial Electrical Savings

•  Uses CFC Free & Environmentally

   Friendly Refrigerant (R 134a)

•  Fully Automatic

•  Free Heat & Cold Air

•  Durability & Low Maintenance

Recycled Energy:

Heat Pump MT Series

Air to water heat pump capacity range from 22 to 85 kW

MT EG 22-30

MT EG 45-85

Technical Specifications

Heat Pump HP Series

Air to water heat pump capacity range from 15 to 60 kW

Technical Specifications

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