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Dry Cleaning




Spotting Agent


General prespotting product for brushing and spraying application on prespotting tables or spraying equipment.

Brochure (PDF - 549KB)


Drycleaning detergent with excellent soil-removal properties for the addition to the pre-wash on totally enclosed perchloroethylene machines.

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Drycleaning detergent concentrate with marked antistatic and retexturing effects and deodorising properties.

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V1, V2 and V3

V1, V2 and V3 are pre- and postspotting agents for use in perchloroethylene.

They may also be applied on the spotting table and rinsed with water or by means of the steam pistol.

In case of sensitive textiles, dyes and printed design, colours are to be tried on the seam before spotting.

Brochure (PDF - 15.4MB)


Pre- and post-spotting agent for blood and albuminous stains.

Blutol solubilizes blood, fresh albumen, food, fish and meat gravy, dairy products, ice cream, cream, chocolate, cacao, mayonnaise, sweat, vomit and other stains.

Brochure (PDF - 37KB)


Pre- and post-spotting agent for stains of tannin and tannic acid.

Cavesol solubilizes coffee, tea, fruit, fruit juice, perfume, grass, coke, tobacco, wine, medicine.

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Pre- and post-spotting agent for all coloured stains and spot remains.

Colorsol solubilizes coloured stains containing natural and synthetic dyes such as lipstick, ballpoint pen, wine, mustard, shoe polish, ink, printer’s ink, make up as well as dyes which have bled out or left marks on textiles.

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Pre- and post-spotting agent for wet-bound stains.

Frankosol solubilizes sugar, mustard, ice cream, mould, starch, albumen, honey, milk, liqueur, food, beer, mud, pigment soil, chocolate, urine and other wet-bound stains.

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Pre- and post-spotting agent for stains of paint, lacquer and adhesives.

Lacol solubilizes paint, lacquer, adhesives, natural and synthetic resins, natural and mineral oil or grease, nail polish, metallic abrasion, ballpoint pen, felt pen, marking ink, lipstick, ink, wax and grease-bound stains of unknown origin.

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Pre- and post-spotting agent for grease-bound stains.

Purasol solubilizes adhesives, paint, lacquer, oil, grease, wax, smear, tar, nail polish, ballpoint pen or chewing gum.

Purasol evaporates quickly and does not attack acetate silk.

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Pre- and post-spotting agent for wet- and grease-bound stains.

Quickol solubilizes oil paint, nail polish, lipstick, tar, smear, ballpoint pen, felt pen, shoe polish, skin cream, grease, wax, carbon paper, medicine, mineral oil, mayonnaise, cod-liver oil and similar stains.

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Post-spotting agent for stains of rust and other metallic oxide.

Ferrol solubilizes rust, verdigris and other metallic oxides.

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