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MechMar Oxymiser Feed Water Deaerators

Available from 3,500pph - 300,000pph

The MechMar Wellmech Feed Water Deaerator Oxymiser are complete system designed in accordance with the ASME Code.


Constructed with Stainless Steel direct contact internal vent condenser, standard spray valves, tray designs incrementally ranging from 3,500pph to 300,000pph. It adequately cover most boiler sizes with operating pressure up to 250psig(17barg).


Features & Benefits

•  Remove Oxygen in water

•  Deaerate all load from 3% to 100% of rated capacity

•  Eliminate titratable free carbon dioxide to 0

•  Heat water to corresponding temperature of saturated

   steam contained within the vessel

•  Improves overall Boiler efficiency

•  Eliminating thermal shock in Boilers

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