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AUTOFLAME Combustion Management Systems

Data Transfer Interface (DTI)

Mk.7 M.M. Module

The DTI can collect information from up to 10 of each of the following Autoflame products:


•   MM/EGA Modules; Mk7, Mk6, MiniMk7 or any combination to a total of 10 units.


•   Exhaust Gas Analyser; either used in conjunction with an MM Module for trim or linked directly to the DTI for monitoring purposes only.


•   Analogue Input/Output Modules; each unit featuring 6 inputs and 6 outputs.


•   Digital Input/Output Modules; each unit featuring 8 voly free contacts and 16 outputs.

To ensure maximum efficiency in the operation pf any boiler, two requirements are of paramount importance.


The first is that the air to fuel ration is kept to a minimum to ensure complete combustion within the limitations of the combustion head design and that these settings, once arrived at, are infinitely repeatable to an incredibly high degree of accuracy.


The second requirement is that the target temperature or pressure of the boiler is monitored by the combustion system, and that at all times exactly the right amount of fuel and air is fired to achieve the target value.

•   10.4" Touch Screen

•   Micro Modulation fuel/air ration control

•   UV or IR self check flame safeguard

•   Burner safety control - user adjustable

•   Gas valve proving

•   Gas, oil & air pressure supervision

•   Precise P.I.D. setpoint control

•   FGR management

•   Lead lag control for both steams and hot water (I.B.S.) - up to 10 boilers

•   3 parameter trim, O2, CO2 & CO

•   Expansion PCB for water level control, flow metering and first-out annunciation

•   24 hour data logging


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